DOING intentionally: How to take care of your business through brain fog, anxiety and overwhelm during the menoshift™

Taking care of your tasks and your business can be a struggle when going through the three stages of the menoshift™ perimenopause, menopause or post menopause. Particularly if you’re experiencing symptoms such as the troublesome trio of:

  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm

These symptoms coupled with unpredictable changes in energy levels and mood can make looking after tasks more difficult and frustrating.

Discover a gentler way to look after yourself, your tasks and your business

DOING intentionally introduces the 7 principles of DOING. Helping women discover ways to lessen the impact of menoshift symptoms and grow thriving businesses.

  • Be kind to yourself first
  • One safe place
  • One task at a time
  • Simply sorted
  • Thinking space
  • Evaluate how you feel
  • DOING 4D

The first letter of each of the 7 principles put together spells BOOSTED. It’s hoped that this is how DOING will help you!

Karen Currier developed the 7 principles of DOING for women going through the menoshift™ after finding that she needed a different approach to take care of herself and her tasks. Karen loves organising and has worked on various big projects during her menoshift including: migrating together over 500 websites, creating 100 portraits in 100 days and sewing an enormous patchwork memory quilt for her daughter.

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About the Author Karen Currier

Confident and creative communicator with 20+ years experience. Skilled in strategic planning and taking action. Enjoys networking and helping others come together to exchange knowledge, experience and interests. Proactive and enthusiastic about making a difference.

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