Leaving Academia: Ditch the blanket, take the skills

As a researcher you are called to investigate, discover and reveal. A skilful vocation leverages your skill set to build a career that serves a larger purpose. Your research brings value to your discipline, your institution and society at large. You chose academic research for a myriad of great reasons.

Stopping to take stock of whether academia is still delivering for you is important but gets put on the bottom of the to-do list.

Are you thriving or feeling slowly smothered by the itchy, scratchy academic comfort blanket?

Do you recognise any of these?

  • Academia has played on you sense of duty
  • Academia has played on your love of research
  • You have learnt to put yourself last
  • Making your work better and better, has crystalised a belief that you can’t do “stuff”
  • Feeling as if you only had the skillset for your current role

Time to take stock, unravel the blanket and weave a new career with the three strong threads of your values, strengths and courage that your research career has developed. Is it time to leave?

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About the Author Emma

I'm on a mission to enable researchers to take the next career step positively and proactively. Harnessing my (gulp) 30+ years in and around Higher Education – from physicist to training business owner – I speak, write and
train on all things researcher development. My favourite soapboxes include women’s development in universities and encouraging researchers to investigate all things enterprising. I bring creativity, empathy and usually a large coffee to my work.

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