Stop the Credibility Crisis: Three Profitable Strategies to Cultivate Trust & Desire in the Expertise Economy

Stop The Credibility Crisis offers a lifeline to expert business owners submerged in a sea of AI, industry newcomers and diminishing trust. If you find yourself struggling to stand out, battling fakes, or losing your market grip, this book is your flag in the fog.

  • Why the Expertise Economy is Failing You: Understand the root causes of the credibility crisis and how it’s affecting your business.
  • The Credibility Matrix Unveiled: Learn the unique framework that combines trust and desire, making you the only logical choice for your clients.
  • The Dynamics of Disruption: How to harness disruption as a force for good, not a business ender. Learn to embrace chaos.
  • Creation as Currency: Discover why what you create matters more than ever and how to produce assets that cement your expertise and authority.
  • The Art of Connection: Learn why fostering genuine connections, and turning passive followers into active advocates is the smart way.
  • Solving the Trust/Desire Paradox: Practical steps to balance trustworthiness with desirability in a way that compels clients to act.

With proven strategies and a touch of humour Debbie guides you through the fog of modern business challenges. Learn why you must stop the credibility crisis to elevate your expertise, become the sought-after leader in your field, and finally get the business you deserve. Coaches, consultants, founders and leaders act now – your business can’t afford to wait.

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About the Author Debbie Jenkins

I love showing smart consultants & experts how to turn their clever thoughts into valuable things. For over 25 years I've been helping people like you create books, websites, articles, apps, membership sites... valuable business assets that help them grow their influence and leave a legacy. I can help you too.

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