Stop writing books nobody reads: The dangerously effective way to write and publish a book that people read and refer

When you’re trying to reach your target audience effectively, nothing beats a well-written business book. But it’s also tough to get right. Poorly written business books litter the virtual bookshelves.

Your book needs to be so interesting the reader devours it, and then wants the next one.
  • As moreish as the next Netflix series.
  • Bitesize, useful, life changing content.
  • Atomic, valuable, business-growing books.
  • Built around your expertise and their most important problem.

After more than twenty years of helping clients turn their thoughts into things, coupled with my engineering background and love of constraints (not that kind!), I have come to the conclusion that the only way to turn your thoughts into things, and get your ideas out into the world is to:

  1. Make the ideas atomic – the smallest workable unit (a Minimum Valuable Asset®)
  2. Have a proven system that works to produce the “thing” (this book for books)
  3. Set a constraint – time, money, resources – and be accountable to the constraint
  4. Iterate and improve yourself, as well as the process.

Many people don’t get their ideas turned into things (books written) because they skip an element in the process, reinvent the process or don’t even have a process to start with. When you have the process you can turn your thoughts into many different things. This book gives you the process so you can write your book that will be read and referred!

To write a book that people read & refer:
  • Make sure there’s a business case before investing your time & money
  • Focus on what the reader needs to hear not what you want to say
  • Write value not volume
  • Use a framework for the process, not for the idea
  • Choose yourself, not the publisher
  • Produce a book that markets itself
  • You’ll find all that and more inside…

Learn how to accomplish your author brand-building goals and create an outstanding book that is virtually guaranteed to be picked up, and read.

Get the book: Stop Writing Books Nobody Reads
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About the Author Debbie Jenkins

I love showing smart consultants & experts how to turn their clever thoughts into valuable things. For over 25 years I've been helping people like you create books, websites, articles, apps, membership sites... valuable business assets that help them grow their influence and leave a legacy. I can help you too.

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