Committed Action: The three-step method to inspire your people to take ownership and get results

As a leader, do you ever ask yourself, “Why don’t my people seem to ‘get it’? Why aren’t they more excited? Why don’t they see the possibilities, not just for the business, but for themselves too?”

In a business where people aren’t contributing as much as they could:

  • You have to come up with all the ideas to improve and grow the business
  • You miss out on insights from those closest to the action
  • You’re paying for people who you know could be contributing more
  • You’re more likely to lose people because they’re not as fired up about this business as you are – to them, it’s just a job

You’re frustrated because you have all this enthusiasm and it feels like they’re not joining in
If any of this is ringing true, it’s a problem. To solve that problem, you need to take a new approach…

First, you’ve got to root out any Commitment Killers – behaviours in the culture that can fatally undermine morale.

Then, apply the three-part ‘C.E.O’ method to bring out your people’s talents:

  • Curiosity – open the minds of people to be receptive to new possibilities. Different people need different reasons.
  • Exploration – help them discover for themselves exactly what they need to ‘get’ about your business.
  • Ownership – transfer responsibility for results, for their good and the good of your organization.

This book will show you the Why and the How.

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About the Author Andy Bass

Andy Bass is the founder of BassClusker Consulting, an executive advisory firm that helps organizations grow faster by using resources they have already. He has advised leaders in more than 30 industries, including professional services, finance, technology, manufacturing, health, media, education and the arts. Andy is a former Forum Chair for MacKay CEO Forums, an international peer-learning organization for CEOs, and has taught executives at Oxford Saïd, Warwick, Strathclyde and Aston Business Schools.

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