The Slow Coach Approach: How good-hearted leaders can create positive change – surprisingly quickly

The Slow Coach Approach is for leaders who want to increase their Interpersonal Return On Investment, thereby making a consistently positive difference to staff and to those their enterprise serves. By covering these nine essential aspects of leadership that may seem familiar, developing them further and taking them together you have the possibility of significantly increasing your IROI. You can comfortably improve the mood of your workplace, transform communication, deal with stress and discord, create harmony, widen perspectives, be more yourself and bring out everyone’s unique star qualities. Judy’s style is calm, friendly, personal and enlivened with memorable stories.

She supports you in putting the direct into Director, without losing your human touch.

Judy’s best Clients say she is a Slow Coach – and not because things can’t change more quickly than you might imagine. For twenty years she’s been coaching leaders through big decisions, the complexities of managing many roles and solving the apparently unsolvable. She is an enthusiastic foodie who would love Slow Coaching to become as popular as the Slow Food movement.

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About the Author Judy Barber

My best clients call me the Slow Coach - and not because things can't change more quickly than you might imagine! Since 2003 I have been coaching business leaders through big decisions, on the complexities of managing many roles and in solving the apparently unsolvable. You might be interested in hearing more from me if you are fed up with struggles, passionate about good communication and know there is room for improvement, whatever your line of business and whoever you work and talk with.

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