The UNIque Guide for Women: Confidently embracing your career in research and beyond

The early career research stage is tough. Interesting, intellectually challenging, pushing back frontiers of knowledge, working with talented people from around the world – all fantastic things. But have you ever …

  • Wondered what on earth the next career step is going to be?
  • Felt surrounded by researchers who are brighter and more together than you?
  • Felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ‘stuff’ you are supposed to do as a researcher?
  • Looked at those ‘high ups’ in your institution and wondered where the women are?
  • Tried to explain to your parents that postdocs seldom get Nobel prizes? (just me then?)

Time to embrace the UNIque you and

  • Step back to understand your career options in and out of the university sector
  • Explore what is important to you so decisions are based on your values
  • Get clear no-nonsense advice to help you get that next position
  • Learn tools to help you set goals and realise them

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About the Author Emma

I'm on a mission to enable researchers to take the next career step positively and proactively. Harnessing my (gulp) 30+ years in and around Higher Education – from physicist to training business owner – I speak, write and
train on all things researcher development. My favourite soapboxes include women’s development in universities and encouraging researchers to investigate all things enterprising. I bring creativity, empathy and usually a large coffee to my work.

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