Are You Still the Future?: How learning to be flexible and read the signals in the system kept me relevant and prepared for every step on my leadership journey

In this book I share the stories of great leaders I’ve coached and mentored. Those who have made a difference, who have found their way. I’ll take you on a journey through my personal and professional life and how through being able to live by my values (fortunately, pretty much most of the time), I’ve achieved happiness and success beyond my dreams.

This book is for the leaders of tomorrow; the ones who are hungry and thirsty for success in all its forms. It’s also for those who have achieved success and are wondering what to do with it – when it’s not just about the money, but also about finding meaning in your life. For some it may seem quite ordinary to be good, wholesome wise leaders. For many others, this journey can be quite extraordinary.

Irrespective of how we got here, hopefully we are always able to answer the question in the affirmative: “Yes, I am still the future.”

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About the Author Piers Fallowfield-Cooper

Described by a number 10 insider as "The anti establishment, establishment coach", my goal is to help business leaders to be more successful, fulfilled and to support them in their journey from good to exceptional.

I’m privileged to work with clients globally - in the UK, US, Europe, the Middle and Far East, Australasia and Southern Africa - and I'm fortunate to be paid well for doing work I love.

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