The Mystery of the Lost Customer: Could high customer satisfaction be silently killing your business?

Uncover the hidden dangers lurking in your business…​

​Join us on a thrilling journey to navigate the minefield of customer satisfaction in ‘The Mystery of the Lost Customer’. You will hear the tale of Fin, Uma, Clem and Sam as they grapple with the shocking revelation that satisfaction alone may not guarantee business success. Through their experiences and interactions they uncover a powerful concept that changes everything – user wellbeing. Discover how understanding the distinction between customers and users can reshape your business strategies.​

​Dive into this gripping tale filled with insights, lessons and a powerful manifesto that will inspire you to unlock the secrets to building trust, fostering loyalty, and growing recurring revenue in an increasingly complex and competitive world.​

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About the Author Susannah Simmons

For more than 20 years Susannah Simmons has been helping people to be more confident and competent with technology. Her compassionate and caring nature helps people see the wood for the trees and find the simple within the complex.​ As The Software Adoption Doctor, she combines her experiences as a user, customer and supplier with her reflective disposition and enthusiasm to help​ software companies implement more human centred approaches to turning new customers into loyal customers.​

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